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Meet B. Diggs


Mr. Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and currently works full-time at the Durham VA Medical Center (DVAMC). He provides individual, couples, and (primarily) group therapy through the VA. He received his Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2005 (UNCG), his Master of Social Work in 2012 (JMSW Program), and his clinical license in 2012.  Mr. Williams carries a national certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression. He also specializes in personal/spiritual development, transformative thinking, and cultural competency with a focus on the Black community.

Mr. Williams is involved in multiple efforts that contribute to ally-ship, diversity and inclusion, and anti-Black racism efforts at the departmental and facility level at the Durham VA. He created, developed, and facilitates “The Invisible Struggle” therapeutic group which focuses on providing clinical mental health care for veterans dealing with stress unique to Black people in America. He also serves on multiple boards/teams at the DVAMC including: The Antiracism and Black Equity Advisory Board, the Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup, and the Social Work Service Social Justice Committee. Mr. Williams has provided consultation to supervisors from entry level to the director of the Durham VA and the executive leadership team.

Mr. Williams is a Racial Equity Institute Alumni, has participated in their Black and White caucuses, and continues to contribute to the cause of equity when possible. He has also created and leads a community organization called “Lion Tamers” that is dedicated to the holistic development of Black men. This development takes place mainly in “Sharpening Sessions” which are small groups held virtually (due to the pandemic). During these sessions focus is placed on education, fellowship, and general support.

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